Inside MapR’s Support for Kubernetes

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MapR today announced that customers can now run and deploy applications on MapR’s big data cluster utilizing the Kubernetes containerization technology. In addition to providing data statefulness, it also gives MapR customers a new way to move workloads from on-prem to cloud platforms.

The delivery of a native Kubernetes K8S volume driver seems like a relatively simple thing, acknowledges MapR‘s Senior Vice President Data and Applications, Jack Norris. “OK, you guys updated a volume driver,” he said in an interview with Datanami. “Why should I get excited and jump up and down for your volume driver?” Norris provided an answer to his question. “The reason for that can be such a breakthrough is because of the capabilities in the underlying platform,” he said. “The update was light, but it leverages the near-decade of innovation in that platform, which are not small innovations.”

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