HPE plus MapR: Too much Hadoop, not enough cloud

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Cloud killed the fortunes of the Hadoop trinity—Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR—and that same cloud likely won’t rain success down on HPE, which recently acquired the business assets of MapR. While the deal promises to marry “MapR’s technology, intellectual property, and domain expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and analytics data management” with HPE’s “Intelligent Data Platform capabilities,” the deal is devoid of the one ingredient that both companies need most: cloud.

The problem, in other words, isn’t that MapR wasn’t filled to the brim with smart folks and great technology, as Wikibon analyst James Kobielus insists. No, the problem is that MapR is still way too Hadoop-y and not nearly cloudy enough in a world filled with “fully integrated [cloud-first] offerings that have a lower cost of acquisition and are cheaper to scale,” as Diffblue CEO Mathew Lodge has said. In short, MapR may expand HPE’s data assets, but it doesn’t make HPE a cloud contender.

To read the entire article, please click on https://www.itworld.com/article/3431416/hpe-plus-mapr-too-much-hadoop-not-enough-cloud.html

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