HPE Cloud Volumes Is An Intriguing Storage Service Offering

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Enterprise IT is an increasingly cloud-aware undertakingā€”more and more applications and data are migrating to Amazon.com AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft ā€™s Azure. Itā€™s important to note though that not all workloads are following suit with the widespread cloud migration. This fact is driving the industry to focus on supporting hybrid cloud solutionsā€”solutions that allow workloads to be split between cloud-only and on-prem compute and storage in an organizationā€™s datacenter.

An increasing number of cloud services that exist to bridge the public cloud suppliers and proprietary, on-site, solutions are evolving to supplement hybrid-cloud offerings. Nowhere is this more interesting than in the storage-as-a-service space. The performance and locality demands of storage (relative to compute) make it very difficult for non-cloud providers to pull off effectively.

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