How to handle service downtime in the cloud age

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As we all know, the cloud is not a cure-all. What happens when you have a service outage because your cloud went offline or your internet provider experiences issues? If your organization depends on SaaS services, with some planning, you can weather the storm with IT infrastructure backup servers that can help you to interact with customers, answer questions and attempt some level of business functionality. When you lose the connection to the cloud or a service, it shouldn’t be the end of your business work. You can set up a safety net in the form of backup virtual machines for the essential services that have moved to the cloud.

With so much focus today on the cloud, it’s almost impossible to think about what would happen if it wasn’t there. Azure, AWS and all the major cloud providers have measures in place to prevent them from ever fully going offline. While that is ideal for the cloud and cloud vendors, that doesn’t mean you can always connect to that cloud. A DDoS attack against your location or internet provider could prevent you from getting access to the cloud. Something as simple as a backhoe that cuts through cables near your facility can remove that cloud connectivity in the most non-technical method possible. So, while the cloud might not go down, your connection to it might. How do you cope in that sort of situation?

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