How To Configure Linux Desktops for Horizon with Ubuntu

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VMware has supported Linux desktops running on its VDI platform since Horizon 6.2. In fact, last year I wrote an article on how to use CentOS as a Linux desktop on Horizon 6.2, and another article outlining five reasons for using Linux as a desktop.

Virtual Desktop

Because VMware now supports Linux Instant Clone desktop with the release of Horizon 7.4, I wanted to revisit the topic of creating Linux desktops, but this time by creating an Ubuntu desktop that can be used with instant clone technology. Although instant clone technology has been available since Horizon 7.0, it has been limited to Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktops. However, now it can be used to provision Linux desktops. The use of instant clones permits Linux desktops to deploy faster, scale easier and perform maintenance more efficiently.

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