How NVIDIA, VMware Are Bringing GPUs to the Masses

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Last week virtualization giant VMware held its VMWorld 2019 user conference in San Francisco. The 23,000 or so attendees were treated to notable innovation the virtualization from the host company as well as its many partners. One of the more interesting announcements that I believed flew under the radar was the joint NVIDIA–VMware initiative to bring virtual GPU technology (vGPU) to VMware’s vSphere and the VMware cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Historically, workloads that required GPUs had to run on bare metal servers. This meant each data science team in an organization had to buy its own hardware and incur that cost. Also, because these servers were only used for those GPU-accelerated workloads, they were often procured, deployed and managed outside of IT’s control. Now that AI, machine learning and GPUs are going somewhat mainstream, it’s time for IT to step up and take ownership. The challenge is that IT doesn’t want to take on the task of running dozens or hundreds of bare metal servers.

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