How Hortonworks is weathering the big-data market’s shift away from Hadoop

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More often than they like to admit, tech vendors must put on a brave face when they’re groping for a robust growth path. In the big-data arena, that go-to-market messaging approach is very much in evidence among the vendors who pioneered the commercialization of the Hadoop programming framework for storing and processing very large data sets across many computers. Hortonworks Inc. Chief Executive Rob Bearden, for instance, attempted in a recent interview to put a positive spin on a fairly cloudy outlook for his company’s growth prospects.


The bottom line is that Hortonworks, like longtime rival Cloudera Inc., is still struggling to achieve consistent profitability and momentum. On the positive side, both companies continue to grow revenues, add new customers and deepen their footprint in existing customers every quarter. Most recently, Hortonworks reported total revenue of $75 million in fourth quarter 2017, up 44 percent from a year earlier, with year-to-year annual revenue growth rising 42 percent from 2016, and it forecast strong revenue growth to continue. In addition, Hortonworks closed 20 deals of more than $1 million in the latest quarter, more than twice as many as in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year, with deal sizes continuing to grow and renewing customers even expanding their spending on Hortonworks products.

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