How Cloudera Is Battling Shadow IT with CDP

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“Come use our analytics service in the cloud, but don’t tell your IT department. It’ll be our little secret.” The siren call of shadow IT has tempted many business units with promises of fast results. But it’s also exacerbated the data management, security, and governance problems. With the new cloud architecture underlying the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), Cloudera is hoping to give business units the data analytics agility they crave, but without giving up centralized control.

Cloudera formally launched CDP last week during the Cloudera Analyst Conference, which took place a few blocks away from the Javits Center in New York City, where Cloudera would co-host the Strata Data Conference with O’Reilly Media later in the week. For analysts and journalists covering big data, Cloudera AC was a chance to get up close to the folks pulling the levers and driving the new company’s strategy.

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