HCI, Cloud Integration: Key Features

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The hybrid cloud is the platform of choice for IT organizations, and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a strong solution for the on-premises portion of that hybrid cloud. Dell EMC, NetApp and HPE have created on-premises offerings using their HCI products, sold on an as-a-service basis. This is a proof point for why HCI is an appropriate infrastructure for the hybrid cloud. But the cloud is anything but clearly defined.

HCI customers want products that are integrated with the cloud, but “cloud integration” means different things depending on which vendor you talk with. For some it means public cloud-based backup or disaster recovery. For others it means developing and/or hosting applications in the public cloud – and migrating these between the on-prem data center and the cloud. For still others it’s a cloud-based analytics platform that’s used to provide insight from large data sets or resource optimization of an HCI. For most vendors the cloud means some combination of these.

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