First MapR, now Cloudera. Why is the Hadoop market in trouble?

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Projected layoffs, disappointing earnings and stock price dips have befallen companies that offer Hadoop-based analytics solutions geared at big data in the past two weeks. Toward the end of May, Hadoop-based big data company MapR filed a WARN notice with California labor authorities. Citing “extremely poor” results on its quarterly earnings report, last-minute client pullbacks and the inability to find new funding, it expected to let go 122 staffers at the company’s Santa Ana, Calif. headquarters by June 14.

Last week, MapR competitor Cloudera — a clear front-runner in the field following its $5.2 merger with Hortonworks last year — shed a third of its value after its stock price took a nosedive. The trigger for the event: the departure of CEO Tom Reilly and the release of disappointing earnings projections.

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