Explore the Citrix guest UEFI boot feature for modern systems

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Citrix’s guest Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot is a feature that makes it possible to boot Windows in UEFI mode when running as a guest OS in a Citrix Hypervisor VM, which brings advanced capabilities such as faster boot times, advanced management options and increased security to the Windows boot process.

Citrix guest UEFI boot was introduced with the release of Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 in April 2019. The feature helps support system boot-ups based on the UEFI specification published by the UEFI Forum. Unfortunately, UEFI boot is still only an experimental feature, and Citrix has provided no indication when IT administrators can expect the real thing. Yet, Citrix is no doubt motivated to make this happen, especially considering VMware has supported guest UEFI for quite some time now.

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