Cloudera founder Mike Olson: ‘We’re moving from automating processes to automating decisions’

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The growing momentum of big data in the cloud has been described as a threat to Cloudera Inc., which is ironic given that the company’s original business plan was to sell big data as a cloud service. The market wasn’t ready in 2008, so Cloudera shifted to selling an integrated platform that combines various open-source projects with proprietary extensions.


Of the three prominent startups to emerge from the Hadoop ecosystem, the other two being MapR Technologies Inc. and Hortonworks Inc., Cloudera was the most prominent, in no small part because of the $740 million investment it received from Intel Corp. in 2014. Its stock-market performance since going public last April has been underwhelming, but few would deny that it’s a market leader. Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson, one of Cloudera’s four founders, joined SiliconANGLE recently for a telephone interview on where big data’s going next.

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