Cloudera Enterprise 6 hits the streets

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Coming in the midst of a transitional year, Cloudera is announcing at the Strata London conference this week general release of the 6.0 release of its platform after an extended beta. For the new release, Hadoop 3.0 is the star of the show. We reviewed Hadoop 3.0 at the beginning of the year. To recap, the 3.0 Apache Hadoop release marks a major watershed for the platform, as it starts to address the information lifecycle with a feature with a very geeky name: Erasure coding.

Erasure coding is a key feature of established RAID technologies. With Hadoop 3.0 embracing this feature, the Apache community is admitting that Hadoop won’t be exempt from the laws of gravity of enterprise storage. The background goes thusly: when Hadoop emerged, the idea was that, even with data replicated 3x, that storage would be so cheap and scale-out compute so linear that you wouldn’t have to think about limiting it. Kind of like the outdated maxim that nuclear power would be so cheap that you wouldn’t have to meter it.

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