Cloud Marketplaces: Providing Less Glamorous, but Valuable Services You Can’t Touch and Feel

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Every day we interact with a variety of online marketplaces that impact how we travel, shop and dine. Companies like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix have redefined how we interact with the people around us to procure the services we need in our everyday lives. The importance of these marketplaces has not been lost on us: Battery Ventures recently introduced the Battery Marketplace Index to showcase the now-large pool of public companies that are connecting buyers and sellers online.

But there are increasingly powerful marketplaces in the enterprise-computing world, too. Major cloud-computing vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google (via its acquisition of Orbitera) and Salesforce have in the last few years introduced online marketplaces of their own to sell supplementary wares to their cloud customers. These products range from big-data to security to speech-recognition services, and more—all of which can be added onto a customer’s cloud-computing package and put on the same bill in a relatively frictionless sales process.

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