Citrix buys Sapho, and it’s all about microapps and employee experience

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Skill shortage is an eternal problem. Retaining skilled employees is imperative to the success of any business. Good employee experience is a major factor that can contribute to employee retention. According to Forbes, companies that invest in employee experience are 28 times more innovative than the ones that don’t. This translates to an exponential increase in productivity. Also, these companies produce four times more profit and two times more revenue.

This is why organizations make employee experience a strategic priority and put a lot of effort into this initiative. Creating a good employee experience is more than offering promotions, pay raises, free gym memberships, foosball tables, and free lunches. Employee experience is about giving your workforce all the necessary tools to succeed. Citrix Workspace and Sapho are tools that have delivered on this front in recent years. Both these tools were individually performing well in their own ways. Now, with Citrix’s acquisition of Sapho, the two tools will be integrated, filling in gaps that the other can’t meet. Let us dig deep into the details of this acquisition.

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