Big Data Maturity: You’re Not As Mature As You Think

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The hype around the term “big data” has certainly fallen away, but that doesn’t mean that organizations have stopped their work to incorporate volumes more data into their analytics practices, sometimes using technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. As with many other technologies that have passed their peak hype, big data technologies have come a long way since then. They are closer to enterprise production than they were just a couple years ago, although they certainly aren’t mainstream yet.

Big Data

The question is why. A full 26% of CIOs said that business intelligence and analytics would help them differentiate their businesses from their competitors, making it the top investment priority. But 91% of organizations had not yet reached a “transformational” level of maturity in data and analytics. That level is really where data and analytics are a central underpinning of the business, so important that the chief data officer will sit on the board of directors.

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