Big Data is everywhere, and security isn’t…but it can be!

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The insights gained from Big Data analytics can be incredibly valuable to a business. Yet, every new data stream creates a new potential attack vector, making classic perimeter defences obsolete and leaving the organisation vulnerable. In the past, data security executives and data scientists had to choose between analytics and security but now – particularly with stringent privacy regulations that have come in to play – there isn’t a choice to make. So, how do companies overcome this and make sure that quality data analysis doesn’t suffer at the hands of security?

The impact Big Data has had for businesses cannot easily be quantified. It has helped many produce a roadmap to improve efficiency as well as improve services and products for their customers – something which is difficult to put a price tag on. By harvesting these large data sets, companies no longer need to rely on a gut feeling when making business decisions. Instead, by using analytics, they can gain insights, view patterns, make connections and understand human behavioural interactions in a tangible way. For organisations today, the science of data has become critical for business operations in this digital age.

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