Big Data, Big Insights: A Look At The Geotab Telematics Platform

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Fleet telematics is a cool technology. Multitenant platforms can be an elegant way to collect Big Data. Big Data, used right, has great power. Put them all together and what do you get? An interesting story. Telematics solutions provide truck fleets with the ability to remotely monitor the location, status, health, and activity of vehicles.

Geotab is the telematics company that gathers Big Data for analysis in their fleet management platform. Over 40,000 customers use Geotab’s tracking device -a tiny two by three-inch device that connects any kind of vehicle to the Internet, making it a ‘connected’ vehicle. The device has GPS, so it allows a truck’s position and movement to be tracked. The device also connects to many of the engine computers and can detect things like whether an engine light is on, fuel consumption, wiper activation, engine RPM, harsh braking, even the ambient air temperature. The Canada-based company’s software application, MyGeotab, is what enables fleet managers to gain insights from all that raw data.

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