Big Data and Multi-cloud for Data Fabric

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Today, most IT organizations envisage hybrid cloud as a vital asset for their long-term IT future. Operating in the hybrid cloud, or more precisely multi-cloud, requires new data management processes along with a modern data architecture channel. Therefore, in future enterprises, IT will need to incorporate a gamut of applications directed toward mobile users, data practitioners, and outside business partners. Also, a growing number of vendors and OEMs will offer various interpretations of data fabric, and the ever-evolving big data space will come into play.

Big Data

For example, MapR’s Converge-X Data Fabric is a data store for managing files, objects, and containers across multiple edges, on-premises and public cloud environments. Also, several cloud storage service vendors have brought forth their data fabric interpretations based on global file systems. Some of the companies in this line include Elastifile, Nasuni, and Avere—recently acquired by Microsoft.

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