An Update from your ViB Team

Hello Community Members! We just wanted to check in and say thank you again for being beta testers for our ViB Community Portal. Since launching the beta portal on September 13, 2022 we have been overwhelmed with amount of engagement and thoughtful feedback we have received from our Community. We are working to make your community experience the best it can be, and while we have not pushed out an update in a few weeks, we thought we would share some things we are working on:

  1. Better program filtering

    One of our most popular feedback topics, we are working to improve this experience by allowing users to filter out programs based on common criteria like location, job titles, and company size. Our ultimate goal is to have this information automatically filtered for you, but expect to see manual filtering options available in the coming weeks.

  2. Hide Programs

    Whether you have already applied or are just not interested, users have expressed wanting the option to have programs hidden from their dashboard.

  3. Application Status

    Did you know that you can see what programs you have applied for from your dashboard? We are working to extend this functionality to not only show you what you have applied for but your status as well (accepted, declined) and eventually your gift card status and options to download from your dashboard.

  4. More Content

    Have you seen the new webinars tab? For the first time, ViB Community is bringing webinars to your dashboard! Because these webinars require a 3rd party integration your information will not automatically populate on the sign up form like it does on program applications. We’re working on it!

    Again, thank you to our Community Members whose participation in the beta test is helping us make a better experience for you and the future ViB Community!

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