Alluxio Bolsters Data Orchestration for Hybrid Cloud World

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Alluxio was conceived at Cal Berkeley’s AMPLab as a virtualization layer that eliminates barriers between data silos, and allows users to access remote data as if it were local. With today’s launch of Alluxio 2.0, the technology has evolved to the next stage, with a focus on simplifying data engineering in today’s emerging multi-cloud and hybrid cloud paradigms.

In the battle of big data architectures, Hadoop is losing and the cloud is winning. The evidence is hard to dispute. While the open source Apache Hadoop community has taken steps to remain relevant – like separating compute and storage and adopting erasure coding with the December 2017 launch of Hadoop 3.0 – it proved insufficient to stem the rising tides of public cloud vendors, where data and compute are separated by default and data is stored in massive object stores.

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