48M social media records exposed in latest cloud storage mishap

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Seattle data gathering firm LocalBlox Inc. is the latest company to expose data via a misconfigured Amazon Web Services Inc. S3 storage instance — a lot of data. In this case, in involved 48 million records relating to social media information.

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Discovered by Chris Vickery at UpGuard Inc., as all good S3 data exposures are, the data related to tens of millions of people that LocalBlox had gathered from social media platforms, including physical addresses, dates of birth, “scraped” data from LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter handles and more. As Vickery explained in a blog post, the data builds a “three-dimensional picture of every individual affected — who they are, what they talk about, what they like, even what they do for a living — in essence a blueprint from which to create targeted persuasive content, like advertising or political campaigning.”

To read the entire article, please click on this https://siliconangle.com/blog/2018/04/18/48m-scraped-social-media-records-exposed-latest-aws-misconfiguration-case/

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